• Jo

    Outspark is no longer. This game is well, no longer here unless another publisher takes over.

  • kristian thomasse
  • Eliel Silverio

    because I can not play here in Brazil?

    • Igor berserkerser

      cause u suck

  • Eliel Silverio

    why cant play here in Brazil?

  • asdas

    brasiill alguem aki q joga esse game é do brasiilll

    • joe99


      • Metal

        en Argentina tambien!

  • goodsinister

    can always download it here: http://hoa.megaxus.com/

    it’s in Bahasa but no IP block and whatsoever, I can guide you if you add me in game

  • nexongtlalal

    Darkblood will be on Steam soon!
    Please join Facebook fan page to see more information:

  • pintovaldo

    como faz para jogar

  • gtanna

    Dark Blood Online will be released on Steam this month(July, 2014)! Please come to our official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Darkbloodsteam to see what’s new!



  • DarkWings

    Please Philippines We Need A Host Of This Game So That We Can Play The Game We Love All Around……Please Were Begging…………………..

  • Samu

    bullshit,this ip block is bs
    i hope this just shutdown again .-.

    • Administracion PLC

      lol dumbass

  • chokeabtch

    This game is hosted under steam now! the community is looking good so far but there is always room for more players 🙂

    • SyTh0SlAyEr

      well then im joining looks like an amazing game been palyin mmorpgs for a while. wunna give this one a try

  • DarkPhantomX

    it always came to mind, why Outspark crashed, i loved their games, they would be extremely sucessful with all those big games they had… the one i loved most was Divine Souls !!!

  • Melwing

    It wasn’t my normal ‘cup of tea’, but I sure do miss this game.

  • Administracion PLC

    ill come here after 6 y