Das Tal

  • Developer
    Fairytale Distillery

  • Genre
    2.5D/2D Fantasy

  • Category
    P2P Games

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  • Gamesite

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  • Customization

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Das Tal is a fast-paced Sandbox MMORPG that focuses on player interaction. Full Loot and Open PvP create a game of risk vs. reward where you weigh up your options before engaging others.


Open PvP and Full Loot: PvP is never restricted but cooperation is always rewarded.

Custom, time-boxed Worlds: Each world is unique in its feature set and geography - and you pick those features. Time-boxed servers create winners and losers and allow you to regularly start anew.

Flexible Character Development: A class-less character system allows you to shape your character to fit your playstyle.

Fast-Paced, Player-Skill-Driven Combat: PvP combat is 100 percent skill-based, common and quick to be found. Both small-scale raids and large-scale sieges are available for all players at any time.

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