Dawn of War III

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Dawn of War III is a real time strategy game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe with traditional base building and large scale warfare between a multitude of units including the new titanic colossi, fight as and against a total of 3 unique factions: the Space Marines, the Eldars, and the Orks, available for Windows.


Versatile Battlefield: The war must be fought no matter the conditions both on land and in space.

Towering Colossus: Utilize the terrifying power of the giant units to dominate foes.

40k Lore: Experience and explore the rich backstory of the Warhammer expansive universe.

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  • Dawn of War III – Masters of War

    There's an official release date for Dawn of War III! April 27th, 2017! It's time to see who the real Masters of War are! #spoilerwarning #itstheeldar Beho

  • Dawn of War III Factions Reveal Playlist

    The grimdark future of Dawn of War III is nearly upon us! Don't know what that means? This playlist should fill in the blanks to get you up to speed!

  • Dawn of War III Annoucement Trailer

    Fight for survival against two other races after a catastrophic weapon is found on Acheron.

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