Dawn of War III

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    Relic Entertainment

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Dawn of War III is a real time strategy game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe with traditional base building and large scale warfare between a multitude of units including the new titanic colossi, fight as and against a total of 3 unique factions: the Space Marines, the Eldars, and the Orks, available for Windows.


Versatile Battlefield: The war must be fought no matter the conditions both on land and in space.

Towering Colossus: Utilize the terrifying power of the giant units to dominate foes.

40k Lore: Experience and explore the rich backstory of the Warhammer expansive universe.

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  • Dawn of War III Annoucement Trailer

    Fight for survival against two other races after a catastrophic weapon is found on Acheron.

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