D&D Neverwinter

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Explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from Dungeons & Dragons as it rises from the ashes of destruction. This action RPG set in an immersive MMO world will take you from the besieged walls of the city to subterranean passageways in search of forgotten secrets and lost treasure.


Player Creation Redefined: The Foundry allows players to build their own dungeons, customize the level of difficulty and even creatures, terrain, and traps within, and then invite friends to test your challenges where they can receive tangible rewards scaled to the difficulty your dungeon provides! Live the world of D&D online like never before in this groundbreaking system.

Diverse Character Options: Choose from one of six distinct races from D&D lore and then select unique classes that each have a feel of their own and separate the title from other fantasy MMORPGs on the market.

Deep Storyline: From the besieged walls of Neverwinter to the lost and forgotten treasures held in subterranean passages, Neverwinter offers a lengthy fleshed out story for those not seeking to challenge the dungeons other players have created.

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  • failwinter

    p2w game don’t waste ur time

  • dsadas


    • failwinter

      pure p2w

  • Played since the closed beta … now in “open beta”. They do a lot of updates and a lot of fixes, but, a lot of “breaks” as well. Some people paid $200 USD for the founders pack so they could make their own story/quest lines. Neverwinter EXP was “nerfed” in these because some people (it happens .. whatever …) were using it to power level their toons up. Now you get little to no EXP for the player made content. Player made content was at least 50% or more the reason this game was “good”. Now its just a linear “action rpg” with very little class development/features/skills. Im a 39 tank and i have no idea what im doing in the story line, i just follow the quest trail. The game is 100% “pay to win” because you will have to play 4x longer then those that pay for the “in game money” (gold in game is pointless, its other currency that buys your gear) to get the “good gear”. PVP is only until like level 20 (if not then i haven’t found where it allows me to queue for PVP past 20’s).

    Its a standard MMO ARPG, nothing “special” and certainly the furthest thing from “D&D” i have ever found. It is as close to D&D as any other MMO out there.

    Honestly, i give this thing a 4/10.

  • gutschaosbane2

    Awful end game. Not many things to do, game is not updated very often. Seems like a quick way for them to try and make some money off’a WoW style game and get out.

  • darkened

    To be honest u can achieve level limit in few days and nothing really happens after that.Waste of time.Such a shame

  • jesseejames

    so how do i get on to play??????????????????