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    2.5D/2D Fantasy

Dicetiny is a humorous hybrid of RPG and CCG in a PC digital board game. Experience random events as you make loops around the board, quickly leveling your hero before the boss arrives!


1-to-4 Player Mayhem: Play co-op with up to four players per match, or even play solo with the AI as your allies.

Random Adventures: Events and quests are randomly generated, making each play through distinctly different.

Collect & Customize: Gain cards after each game and use them to customize your own adventuring deck.

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Game Videos

  • Dicetiny Steam Launch Trailer

    Dicetiny's full launch is now available on Steam. Battle for the ultimate dice to rule them all now.

  • Dicetiny Full Launch Steam Trailer

    Dicetiny's full version prepares to hit Steam on July 22nd!

  • Dicetiny Steam Early Access Trailer

    Dicetiny is available today on Steam Early Access, a board-game meets card-game meets RPG.

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