Divine Souls: Kick Ass Priests Unite


If you want to peg Divine Soul's best feature, I'd say that the game's PVP system is its greatest strength. The game incorporates a healthy mix of PC action gaming and old school fighting game combo systems.

Divine Souls in Open Beta!


Outspark have announced that Divine Souls has gone into open beta giving you and everyone else the opportunity to try it out right now!

Divine Souls Beta Coming July 14th


Outspark has let OnRPG know that the Closed Beta for Divine Souls will be ready for the public on July 14th, while they aim to have the beta client ready for download on July 12th.


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    • metalgear

      guys i dont know how to creat account pls help…..

  • metalgkw

    hello guy any game online outo attack pls tell me
    thank you

  • Ruhiki

    Hi, Are there any role-play servers at Divine Souls?

  • Qayyum Omar

    why cant i acces the server/channel
    .its blank