DK Online Introduces Territorial PvP


PvP is one of DK Online's strongest focuses, which is reflected in the diversity of the different classes' gameplay. Leading the charge are the melee masters, Warriors and Paladins, who can get up close and connect for serious damage.

DK Online Shadowmage Dev Blog


Today we've got the Shadowmage, who has emerged to take the spotlight for our latest class reveal.

DK Online Dev Spotlight: Paladin


We're going to go a little off course here and share some of what Paladins used to be, because ongoing improvement is always a crucial part of the development process.

DK Online Warrior Spotlight


We thought we'd take a break from hacking and slamming monsters in DK Online to give you a taste of what it's like!

DK Online Sorceress Spotlight


Today we’re talking about the Sorceress class, to go along with our first official spotlight video highlighting the master magic users.