Dofus Review

REVIEW Dofus has had a long life (it was released back in 2005) and stood very proud and tall against the backdrop of the depressing Free to Play market.

Ankama introduces DOFUS 2.0


DOFUS, Ankama’s tactical MMORPG which has already attracted 7 million players worldwide, is on the way to being completely revamped, and is scheduled for launch in Fall 2008, with a beta version planned for September.

The DOFUS experience coming soon to your mobile!

NEWS ANKAMA is proud to announce the upcoming release of DOFUSPocket which is being developed by its subsidiary Kalmeo. DOFUSPocket will delight DOFUS fans who will soon be able to play on their mobile phones as well!

Cosmic Ray event on DOFUS

NEWS From 15th to 29th of April, a series of events linked to the coming of the Cosmic Ray will take place. These include the exile of Otomai’s Creatures, exclusive items, titanic confrontations between Djaul and Silouate and much more.

Schedule of Cosmic Ray events between 15th and 29th April:

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