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Dream of Mirror (known as DOMO) is a free to play, anime-style MMORPG. Initially released by Aeria Games in 2007, and shut down in 2012, DOMO has now found a new home with publisher Suba Games.


A Social Experience: Relationships are central to DOMO: you can be in friendships, student-teacher relationships, and romances. You can even find your special 'soul mate,' marked by a love line between two characters based on their birthday.

Four Races: Create a character from four races - humans, sylphs, sprites, and shura.

Over a Dozen Professions: Each newbie will begin as a commoner, and can choose from thirteen other professionals, including Martial Artist, Shaman, Dancer, Thief, and more.

Pets: Tons of adorable pets exist in DOMO, and must be cared for lovingly. Raising your pets level also allows you to ride them as a mount!

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Game Videos

  • DOMO Skydiving Pupu Pig Kickstarter Event

    You backed DOMO. You get your flying pig. Enjoy the madness of game marketing! hah...hahah...hahahahaha.

  • DOMO GM Gameplay Trailer

    Subagames GM walks you through the gameplay of Dream of Mirror Online.

  • Dream of Mirror Online Revival Trailer

    Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) makes its triumphant return courtesy of Wicked Interactive and SubaGames.

Game Articles

  • baba

    It is kalba.nik mok.


  • unknown

    R.I.P domo 🙁 have very fond memories of the community

    • Cheshire_Waltz

      Yes the community was amazing! I still haven’t found one better ( I played it when the community was really going strong… I was sad when it began to decline) What server were you? I was on Onyx.

    • Guest

      DOMO is being brought back by subagames. Like them here and join at subagames!:

  • Silly

    If you miss DOMO make sure to share your love here for the small chance they will bring it back to us.

  • jamie123r

    i herd this got shut down because of the killer lag sometime last year i think not to sure
    cuz of this ”lag” ppl slowly left the game and sooner or later the game became a ghost town servers completely empty i left the game pior to this in 2011 hopeing to return to the game in 2013/2014 but when i looked for it i dint find it later how i found out this while playing eden entral

  • FireaWar

    Suba Games is bringing DOMO back! Get hype, show support, help it get greenlit on steam. Let’s all work together to help Suba get the game to us ASAP!