Dream of Mirror Online Launching Open Beta

ARTICLE Suba Games has announced that Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO) will be launching its open beta on Friday, March 20 at 5pm Eastern. Closed beta is closing today at 5pm Eastern. All closed beta participant...

Dream of Mirror Online Now on Kickstarter

ARTICLE Suba Games is encouraging DOMO fans to get in on the action by joining its Kickstarter campaign for Dream of Mirror Online’s revival. DOMO’s Kickstarter is set at only $300 for its initial...

Dream of Mirror Online Interview: Content Updates!


Dream of Mirror Online is one of Aeria game's biggest MMORPGs and one of its longest running games. In a competitive field such as the MMORPG scene, it's a near miracle to stay alive for this long. So we here on OnRPG knocked at their door and asked how the game is doing.

DOMO Review

REVIEW Dream Of Mirror is a free to play MMO that takes place in a world alternate to our own. Developed by Softstar, leading brand of Chinese video games industry. The game takes place in the alternate reality known to be inside of the “Kunlun Mirror.” Exceeding numbers over the 400,000 mark in Taiwan alone, I decided to see exactly why this game is so popular.
  • baba

    It is kalba.nik mok.


  • unknown

    R.I.P domo 🙁 have very fond memories of the community

    • Cheshire_Waltz

      Yes the community was amazing! I still haven’t found one better ( I played it when the community was really going strong… I was sad when it began to decline) What server were you? I was on Onyx.

    • Guest

      DOMO is being brought back by subagames. Like them here and join at subagames!: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dream-Of-Mirror-Online/1461965920740467

  • Silly

    If you miss DOMO make sure to share your love here for the small chance they will bring it back to us.

  • jamie123r

    i herd this got shut down because of the killer lag sometime last year i think not to sure
    cuz of this ”lag” ppl slowly left the game and sooner or later the game became a ghost town servers completely empty i left the game pior to this in 2011 hopeing to return to the game in 2013/2014 but when i looked for it i dint find it later how i found out this while playing eden entral

  • FireaWar

    Suba Games is bringing DOMO back! Get hype, show support, help it get greenlit on steam. Let’s all work together to help Suba get the game to us ASAP! http://domo.subagames.com/LaunchRock.htm