First Dota 2 Valve Major presented by ESL

NEWS The first of the Valve Majors will be presented to the Dota community by ESL in what is Frankfurt, Germany’s iconic Festhalle from November 16-21. Sixteen of the best Dota 2 teams will battle it out...

Dota 2 – The International 2015 Begins

NEWS This year’s Dota 2 The International tournament has begun its main event, running from August 3 through August 8 in Seattle. This year’s prize pool has topped $18 million, with over $6.4 m...

Dota 2 Reborn Beta: Custom Games + New UI!

FEATURE By Mohammad Abubakr   Valve always seems to take their sweet time when it comes to major updates. By doing so, they ensure that when a major update goes live, it will not disappoint their fans. T...

Dota 2: The New Bloom Festival & Winter Wyvern Reviewed

FEATURE By Mohammad Abubakr I have not been spending a lot of my time playing Dota 2 in the past few weeks. With my busy schedule it can be hard to commit to long Dota 2 matches as once you start, you really ...

Dota 2: Techies has arrived!

NEWS By Mohammad Abubakr Techies has been one of the most hyped and anticipated heroes to be ported to Dota 2. Even before The International 3, Dota 2 players had been looking forward to the release of thi...
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