Valve’s Free To Play Documentary Now Available On Steam

NEWS Valve’s Free to Play, a feature-length documentary covering the efforts of three competitive Dota 2 players as they battle for the first International, has been released today on Steam (and is f...

World Cup football stadium hosts DOTA 2 eSports competition

NEWS One of Germany’s 2006 World Cup football stadiums, Commerzbank-Arena, will play host to eSports competition on June 28th and 29th as the Electronic Sports League (ESL) prepare to showcase ESL One Fr...

Dota 2: The New Bloom Festival

FEATURE By Mohammad Abubakr Recently Valve has been spoiling us Dota 2 fans with frequent big updates including new game modes, heroes, and game features. Once again, Valve has pleased its fans with a massive...

2014 MOBA Predictions – Professionalism in eSports

FEATURE By Mohammad Abubakr Last year, I predicted the rise of eSports with tournaments having larger audiences, being located all across the world, and gaining the interest of more advertisers. Fortunately t...

Hackers Take Down Multiple Game Services

NEWS It’s an interesting end-of-year tale that seems too crazy to believe at first: a group of hackers known as DERP (DerpTrolling on Twitter) have laid claim to a large set of attacks aimed at vario...


  • ronalynquibilan

    hahahaah gosto ko sna mag dota hindi na tuloy wlang free sa lop top hahh

  • shayaesternon

    were can i play online dota2

    • devilsblue4u

      on steam dota 2 is awesome

  • william

    shut up ronalynquibilan brb

  • azalina


  • azalina

    how many

  • Ragdeme

    Were can i play this shit? Is it cool?

    • devilsblue4u

      on steam and yes i believe it is cool its very challenging game

  • enrique2129

    how i cant play dota2 ?

    • devilsblue4u

      on steam

  • hairun

    now i get this patch ^^,

  • arvin

    dota 2

  • seng

    how to download dota 2

    • devilsblue4u

      download steam

  • Raffaele Lillo Liguori


  • devilsblue4u

    download steam and then download the game it is all free and fun



  • Are Qiem

    i try download dota 2 at steam…thats is this dota 2 online ??