Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening Review: Bring Them Back!


Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, is Dragon Age: Origins' first and only expansion pack. Assuming that you haven't had enough of Dragon Age even after completing all the sidequests and taking all the possible routes, Dragon Age: Origins Awakening (DAOA) is an instant buy for those who want more Darkspawn-slaying action. The game requires you to have the original Dragon Age, so new players cannot skip to this point (then again, they wouldn't understand anything if they did) and will need to purchase the original game to be able to play. So does the expansion carry the same epic feel as the original? Let's see, shall we?

Dragon Age Origins Review: An Epic Darkspawn Slaying Tale!


After their successful game "Mass Effect", Bioware decided to take their RPGs to the next level by bringing us back to the medieval world of bucklers and swords. Dragon Age is a medieval RPG for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. First of all, I would like to say that Dragon Age is definitely not a medieval Mass Effect. While it may share the same destiny trees and conversation methods, there are enough features to completely seperate this game from Bioware's futuristic masterpiece.