Dragon Ball Online Screenshots


  • dreamcat

    when will we get the English patch

  • vegeta2

    i do i play :(

  • Keven Goku Zika


  • Anonymos

    Get The Original Here DBmmo.com

  • Philly

    How do get to dowload the game because I can’t figure out how to play

  • DJ jayden


  • jermaine anine

    the game closed and i just sign up for it

  • bolden

    how do i download

  • hejran

    how do u download

  • ke3j

    how to dowload

    • evilkerupter

      don’t bother, the game closed sep 26 or some shit like that last year

  • evilkerupter

    Guys this game is gone, probably forever. I know, It sucks, I spent 3 days looking for a game like this and nothing comes close, and its fucking gone……

    • 2 Cents Gaming

      it’s coming back .. and in English

      • sufyan

        when please tell me

  • Fire

    The original game has closed but a group of past players have started a project to relaunch the game online again and its called Dragonball Online Revelations, http://dborevelations.com – they can also be found on facebook, https://www.facebook.com/dbo.private . Long live Dragonball Online!

  • joric


  • jack pack

    AAA bull shit I want to play

  • Helio Vitor de Souza


  • William Epic Senpi

    i looked for it and i cant find it lol

  • D3STR0Y3R

    this is bullllllshat i wanna play some MOOORRREE