Dragon Oath: Get a Turtle Mount!


To celebrate the addition of their new community manager, LucySong, Dragon Oath is giving away a turtle mount to one lucky player.

Dragon Oath Gigantic Dragon Mount Contest


ChangYou.com (US) Inc., a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of ChangYou Ltd. (NASDAQ: CYOU) announced today that it will be giving away one rare gigantic flying dragon mount to one lucky player!

Dragon Oath: New Instance Added to Expansion


Dragon Oath players have had a lot of content to look forward to with the expansion Age of Destiny, and perhaps the most highly anticipated event for players were the new quests located in the Swallow's Dock. Swallow's Dock is a new area of the Dragon Oath world where players will get to experience large scale combat on a battleship setting. Sound appealing?

Players are invited to join in the epic fight taking place from boat to boat. If you're level 60 and above in Dragon Oath and have at least 2 fellow players who want to accompany you in this adventure, welcome aboard!

Dragon Oath: New Weapons Screenshots


What would Star Wars have been without lightsabers? How about Lord of the Rings without swords or arrows? Every great warrior needs great weapons, weapons worthy of their masters and capable of defeating the forces of evil. Dragon Oath: Age of Destiny brings you all new powerful weapons, available to anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to becoming legendary. That is what you will need to wield these amazing artifacts.

Dragon Oath: Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Game!


Valentine’s Day is upon us! As the time to express love is approaching, players will get an opportunity to share their feelings for other players in the world of Dragon Oath! From February 10th to February 16th, Dragon Oath players will be able to visit the one and only Cupid in Luo Yang to receive some of his famed “Cupid’s Arrows.” Players can use these arrows on members of the opposite sex to indicate their potential love interest. Players who are hit with the arrow will possess the “Cupid’s Kiss,” which will be apparent to other players due to the radiating glow and hearts emanating from the player’s character!