Dragon Pals Screenshots

  • parktaejun



    I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!


    hahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ( * . * )………………………………………………

  • Dark Phantom

    TOTAL Garbage.. you have to be a high end payer to get anywhere, ABSOLUTELY unbalanced Unfair & unplayable unless high end payer. Also there are A LOT of hackers, speed hackers screwing up game & the G.M’S DO NOT CARE ONE BIT!

    As of about 3 weeks ago ALL G.M’s Disappeared, THEY do not even log on anymore.

    Just another Absolute Pay to win POS game ripping people off. Even when u get gold coins they suddenly will start disappearing for no reason THIS game is a SCAM!

    • Dovefeather23

      every game has flaws the dragon pals staff has worked to fix these bugs and most have been fixed yes you have to cash if you want to be considered a good player but most games are like that the game is not a scam and you can post your problems in the game forum and one of the mods will talk to you to fix your problems