Dragon Warlords

Dragon Warlords is a 3D online strategy game set in a fantasy world, developed for Android devices with iOS support announced to come. Featuring both PvE and PvP elements, Dragon Warlords tasks players with the challenge of amassing an army of classic fantasy characters while building and defending an empire. Players can lay siege to one another’s kingdoms while fortifying their own, recruiting a host of mercenaries from around the world.


Exceptional Graphics: Dragon Warlords boasts vividly colorful graphics with incredible detail. Battles are fully 3D and crisply rendered, allowing players to view the action from any angle they wish. Each building and every unit is distinctly unique, up close or at a distance.

Freedom of Choice: Pick and choose your favorite units from a selection of over 25 different types, unhindered by race or faction. Can’t decide between fearless desert inhabitants or gargantuan mechanical monsters? Get both! Assemble your army as you alone see fit.

Tower Siege AND Defense: After you’ve built an unassailable kingdom and mastered your perfect defensive strategy, test the defenses of your fellow players by taking the fight to them. With an epic battle around every corner, there’s always something for your troops to do.

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