Dragona Screenshots

  • henry

    How to download this game????can anyone help me???

  • jahnsandreh

    how to download this game??? this game is may paborate game

  • Ako C Toinks Ikez

    i want to play this game

  • rams

    how to download this cliet plss post

  • juu

    4 existing severs atm, none in english :)) Korea- staying strong, Japan – will close on december, Russia – x___x, Indonesia – at least the attributes are in english :)) maintenance is mehhh, people are nice but there are also xenophobic assholes

  • pablo

    jogava e voutei a jogar muito legal

  • enderheater

    i can’t download i am in europe <:(

  • Dilber Haliti

    How to download this game?

    • akuma32

      Hey have you figured out how to DL game wont even let me go to website

  • akuma32

    why cant I go to the website

  • jonny

    GAME is closed

  • nike”

    nike ta mere

  • nike”


  • Sanfer

    New server:


    10x XP

    12x Gold

    8x Item Drop/CORE Drop

    (Rates are subject to change at anytime)

    Server Specifications

    – RAM: 12GB

    – Processor Speed: Intel Xeon E5-2650 @ 2.6GHz

    – Connection: 1Gbit Up/Down

    IMPORTANT!!!!: There will most likely be a character wipe from Open Alpha->Open Beta, after that though another character wipe will not occur.

    Forums: https://forum.entitygaming.com/

    Registration: http://dragonaz.entitygaming.com/

    Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!d8V3CKTD!txgRoe…UI0xfRqxngyf4M

  • Weper
  • Michael DFirenze

    Seems like the game is pretty damn closed from the Official serves, there is just one online i think, but it’s NOT in english.

  • Pandi

    English server 😉 http://dragonaeu.flamegames.hu/

  • Miguel Angel Serey

    Hi guys for some time a go 2012 i was playing on this game, dont know if it still up tho…but i found the main webblink to go there, so to you who didnt find it…here ill put it up. GL DOWN LOADING IT.