• henry

    How to download this game????can anyone help me???

  • jahnsandreh

    how to download this game??? this game is may paborate game

  • Ako C Toinks Ikez

    i want to play this game

  • rams

    how to download this cliet plss post

  • juu

    4 existing severs atm, none in english :) ) Korea- staying strong, Japan – will close on december, Russia – x___x, Indonesia – at least the attributes are in english :) ) maintenance is mehhh, people are nice but there are also xenophobic assholes

  • pablo

    jogava e voutei a jogar muito legal

  • enderheater

    i can’t download i am in europe <:(

  • Dilber Haliti

    How to download this game?

    • akuma32

      Hey have you figured out how to DL game wont even let me go to website

  • akuma32

    why cant I go to the website

  • jonny

    GAME is closed

  • nike”

    nike ta mere

  • nike”