Drakensang Online: Rise of Balor Coming in August

NEWS A new era is dawning in  Drakensang Online! Bigpoint, one of the world’s leading developers and publishers of online games, today announced the release of the biggest expansion ever for its succes...

Drakensang Online: Largest Expansion Coming Soon

NEWS Drakensang Online, the award-winning action RPG and MMO, is in the midst of preparing the largest content update in its history. With an already improved game entry, new group finding features and the...

Drakensang Online – Now Available on Mac

NEWS The multi-award-winning action RPG Drakensang Online now provides full support for Macintosh users.  “Our aim is to provide everybody easy access to Drakensang Online regardless of the operating sy...
  • bernythefly

    bad game. they say is free but everything costs real money. and worst of all they do everything to make you spend money, including changing the game with no prior notification. also developers dont give a damn about players oppinion. i played this game 2 years, beared a lot of their injustice (btw if you try to say something you can get your account banned just because they dont like what you say). F2P players dont stand a chance in a full of bugs and errors pvp section. After last patch i decided to quit game and spread the truth about this game. My advice….dont start to play it or if you already play…quit it while you still have your nerves and your money. This game is a robbery and the developers are robbers. Fairwell!!!

  • Blindsquirl

    I love this game.! It is DEFINITELY tougher to progress to level 40, if you don’t have some money to make it EASIER… but if you want an “easier game”.. try checkers.