Witching Hour Comes to Dungeon Fighter Online on January 26


Dungeon Fighter Online, the classic side-scrolling arcade-style beat 'em up MMO from Nexon, will experience the Witch Awakening with the highly anticipated Act VII: Witching Hour update, coming January 26.  

Nexon America Offers Huge Holiday Deals to Gamers this Week


Those searching for the perfect last minute gift for the gamers in their lives are in luck: Nexon's all-star lineup of award winning free-to-play games are having massive sales and in-game holiday events. Holiday activities include special increased experience events and winter-themed adventures.

Dungeon Fighter Online Announces Act VI: Kiss of the Gun


Dungeon Fighter Online, the classic side-scrolling arcade-style beat 'em up MMO from Nexon America, has released Act VI: Kiss of the Gun, featuring the highly anticipated female gunner awakening character class update.

Dungeon Fighter Online: Official Launch Interview


On June 9th 2010, Dungeon Fighter Online will be going "official". Well, that is to say, it will be going into official service. For those who haven't heard of Dungeon Fighter Online before, it's a massive multiplayer online hack n' slash/beat 'em up in the resemblance of classic arcade titles such as Final Fight, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and D&D: Shadow over Mystara. With this upcoming launch, you can expect a load of new features that will excite both DFO veterans and newcomers alike.

Dungeon Fighter Online Prepares Three More Subclass Awakenings


Players can get a glimpse at the next three Awakenings for high-level characters in Dungeon Fighter Online before they join the fight when the game launches on June 9. Nexon America released a video featuring these new Awakenings - Soul Reaper, Hellcat and Machinist - in action. Each Awakening offers new powerful skills.