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  • True Destroyer

    To chinese producers: I know youre just a minions, but tell your boss that if you want to make money, he needs to take a day off, and install and play dungeon keeper 1 and 2 at home. NOONE in EUROPE and US is going to give you MONEY for this. WE WILL GIVE YOU MONEY for similiar games like DK, DK2, Startopia, etc. Making a WoW clone is cool, your boss says probably like “It worked in the west, make it more colorful! Add bigger swords! Enlarge those tits! Add flower explosions!!!” if he does, and i know he does, we are all doomed. If you care for your company tell your boss, that millions of european wallets are waiting for a proper DK game. It is not difficult to make. You simply need to clone DK instead of Wow. But your boss needs to agree, and notice the point in doing so. This happens everywhere, everytime, thousands of companies in Japan and China release poor games, that are all the same. Using Dungeon Keeper in the title won’t give you anything. anything. And It could give you MONEY, not all the comapnies had this chance of using this title. Dungeon keeper gets typed in google very often. Millions of people are watching you, and you apparently fucked up with your wow-final-Fantasy-Zelda-everything-else mix. You want to make money? I want to play Dungeon Keeper 3. Many people would pay A LOT. ( Have you even researched the market)? You got a chance getting these copyrights for title. Don’t make a Wow clone, make a Dungeon keeper out of it, it will earn you more money. Tell your boss this is a cultular thing – I cna see his response – “nonsense! We got great tile! And a game s amazing as World of Wacraft! Thousands of users! Big Swords! Even Bigger Claws and Tits! Multiple magical items! Europeans and Americanc love this shit! ” No, we don’t this is a cultular thing, you wouldn’t understand. We love World of Warcraft, because we loved warcraft 2 and 3 first. That’s why you can’t copy its success. Hope you know english, and may this message get to any of DKW crew.

    • Jimmy

      “cultular” isn’t a word, but “cultural” is. Never trust Google translate to translate from North Korean to English for you.

  • Christopher Flores

    That’s bullshit. I’ve been playing DK 1 AND 2 since they were released. I still have my instruction manual, too. And I wish, so much, that I could play this game, or find a hack that would let me play… Either way… I wish I could play DKO.