Dynasty Warriors Online Preview: Carry a Long Stick


In the various Dynasty Warriors games I've played on the console, there was always this one nagging option that I wanted Tecmo Koei to include in this title, a player made character within the War of the Three Kingdoms era. Reiteration after reiteration of the game has presented various "game changes" and yet they haven't given me the satisfaction of creating my own "character" to plow through tons of enemies and be part of the winning nation.

Interview: Legendary Dynasty Warriors Makes Its MMO Debut


Dynasty Warriors fans new and old are going to be in heaven as Aeria Games have announced that Dynasty Warriors Online will be making its way to both US and EU regions. Dynasty Warriors Online (DWO) is the MMO installment to the long running hack n' slash game series that started way back in the early days of the PS2.

  • Florea Sorin

    Game was shuitdown on Aeria.