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EARTHFALL is an upcoming co-operative shooter developed by Holospark for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and will be available on Steam Early Access. In EARTHFALL the end of the Earth has finally arrived. A global meteor strike has pelted the planet, leaving not only destruction in its wake, but also alien lifeforms that are trying to take the Earth for their own. Whether or not you want to work with your allies isn't important. Survival is the most important thing in EARTHFALL, and your odds only go up by working together!


Weapons Printing: Use advanced 3D-printing technology to create a wide variety of weapons that will fit your needs, and most importantly eliminate any aliens you come across.

Base Building: Set up defensive barriers and build turrets that will soften the invading alien scum and give you the fighting chance that you need.

Alien Variety: You won't know what to expect with each EARTHFALL's dynamic spawn system. Will it be a giant behemoth that spits acid, or a massive army of alien drones?

Campaigns: Players can fight in different campaign missions that have diverse objectives, settings, and will reveal the secrets of the unfolding cataclysmic events.

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