Eden Eternal Screenshots


  • Roy Etier

    Miscategorized, this is client-based

  • RandomDude

    I had a lot of fun with this early on but started sucking more and more after the mid 40′s. The cash shop is annoyingly pay-to-win but worse than that the crafting has disgustingly high failure rates. After 200+ tries at creating the same armor I realized why none were ever on the auction house and gave up. There was no crafted high level gear at all when I played because the fail rate is too high. There are also bugs where you can randomly lose things and support wants a fee to try and recover them…

    The publisher seems to have a problem working/communicating with the developer.

  • http://xavian.yolasite.com/ Xavierluvya

    Another seemingly awesome game without a mac downloadable version… *sigh*

    • xtdx

      Just use Bootcamp. Sucks that there’s no Mac client but that’s the story with most games.

      • http://xavian.yolasite.com/ Xavierluvya

        True, thanks