Bethesda E3 2018: Elder Scrolls Recap

ARTICLE By Terris Harned (NWOrpheus)   While Todd Howard might have stolen the show with his Fallout 76 presentation during the Bethesda segment of the 2018 E3 convention, the Elder Scrolls franchise als...

ESO: Morrowind Review

ARTICLE I will cover as little of the story as absolutely possible. There are restrictions in place on stuff I can/cannot talk about, so I’m going to endeavor to avoid those things. I love this expansio...
  • P_L

    It’s kinda sad that people are rating this so high before it’s even out. Anyone who has seen the gameplay video can tell that the game is horrible, and a shame to the entire series. The ratings are very misleading and onRPG should only allow games to be rated if they are actually released.

    • Darkney

      wtf man. Just because you think the gameplay is horrible doesnt mean that others think that…

    • And how can you truly judge something until you have played it for yourself? That is something that always makes no sense to me. People judging a game before it’s even been released and they’ve played it for themselves.

      • Katsu

        Yes but saying it’ll be bad from an animated video is just as worse as judging it before it comes out.

  • Maurice Willimas

    hey im new at the whole rpg gaming experience can anyone give me a good game to start out with ?

    • chikami

      okay so i know this reply is 7 months late…. but still
      -lotro (this one is outdated a little, especially the graphics, but has a huge world, tons of conent and a good tutorial)
      -archeage (amazing sandbox game, with an amazing world, really cool graphics and an awesome story)
      -aura kingdom (good game, good graphics, fun quests, no real storyline though, and the keybind customizations are limited)

      • Maurice Willimas

        loool thnk you

  • [Fx]

  • Some Guy You Dont Know

    they should’eve stuck with the elder scrolls VI (6) instead of this *facepalm*

  • This is a good game. They fixed a lot of the problems it had at launch. You need a good cpu on computer to run TESO tho. It get’s glitchy and disconnects even on the best system but it is still a lot of fun. Not so great the group dungeons because of troll players kicking, unless you have a friendly guild. The open world dungeons are easy solo’able once you get to CP level. Solid crafting. Grindy but in a way you don’t notice as much because of variety. Box to play model with optional subscription for crafting benefits – you can still craft without sub you just have to use mules/alts.