Elsword Teases New Lanox Area

ARTICLE Elsword Online is teasing a new area, Lanox, available starting on May 27.   The teaser site reveals six new dungeons, five new fields, and new NPCs to be found at Lanox Village.   The first...

ElSword Updated Review: Fourth Anniversary Look

REVIEW By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Manga Hack’n’Slash Action! Originally meant to be a successor or reboot to Grand Chase (A side-scrolling action-MMO), ElSword evolved definitively into its own ga...

Elsword 4th Anniversary Party Stream Live!

ARTICLE   A two hour party is hitting Elsword‘s twitch channel today! Drop in and celebrate Elsword’s fourth anniversary with KOG and special guests, including our very own DizzyPW! Catch it ...

Elsword Reveals Critter Carnival Event

ARTICLE KOG Games today announces the launch of the fuzzy, fun and fantastic Critter’s Carnival Pet Dungeon and Events, going on April 15 – 28, 2015 in Elsword! Ready for the hunt! The monstrous Wild Ride...
  • Sara


    • sara

      i like you are you a boy or a garil yes ro

  • Sara

    how do I play Elsword uz I have the game ut I ant to make a new Acount

  • Darkwinger12

    i want to play but I can’t make a new account to replace my old one.

  • Bungi

    reporting Fapiest

  • Marina Salvatti Della Santa

    como faço para jogar??? estou ansiosa pra jogar mas onde eu entro???

  • Marina Salvatti Della Santa


  • Marina Salvatti Della Santa

    quem tiver bom coração pf me ajude obrigada

  • xxinferno456

    I have the game why I can’t make new account

  • emoteen134

    For all the people having problems making new accounts, you need to make an account online and not on the client. then log in to the client with your username and password you created on the site, choose your character and play. 🙂 enjoy Playing Elsword. 🙂


    • dj

      i love you

  • haromi

    idk how to get the game someone plz help me

  • juanraphael

    how to get games sword art online plz help me

  • hiimpie

    how do I get the game at school?

  • Danielle Delaney

    My daughter plays this game and and a weird noise came from and froze the whole computer I am wondering if so.eone can hack into her system