Elvenar is a fantasy, strategy, city-building MMORPG created by Innogames. The main focus of the game lies on building and upgrading a city, but players also trade, explore the world map or have strategic turn-based fights on a 3D battlefield.


Fantastic realms: Take care of the construction of your village and guide elves or humans through the dazzling realms.

Residences, workshops & more: Pick up the reigns and lead your people into a new era by laying the foundation and building your city just the way you like it.

Explore and battle: There is a myriad of areas surrounding your city just waiting for your scouts to explore and relics to uncover. Get your hands on these relics by either trading some with the province owners or fighting over them against savage creatures.

Friendly neighborhood: You are not alone in Elvenar. Numerous other tribes of elves and humans have made their home. You can visit them and take a good look at their city building progress.

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Game Videos

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