Entropia Universe: Planet Cyrene Tour


Having played in the Universe for 4 years now, I started looking for the biggest, baddest monsters I could find. There is nothing I enjoy more than finding one that takes a few tries to defeat.

Entropia Universe: Virtual Item sold for a world record $330.000!


MindArk has confirmed that a virtual Space Station in their game "Planet Calypso" has been sold for the stunning amount of $330.000 US dollars! Project Entropy Dollars (PED, see screenshot below) is the virtual currency for Entropia Universe and can be traded with MindArk for real currency for the rate of 10-1.


  • Joo Ken

    If you plan to play EU, prepare for years. It is not for everyone. You can play
    free, or you can deposit what you can afford to loose to have more fun.
    For example, as much as you would pay for a normal pay-to-play MMORPG.
    If you feel you have to deposit more, you are playing carelessly, and
    you have a gaming problem. Stop immediately. Don’t start.

    Graphics are excellent, check (just a regular google drive shared folder):