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Eon Altar is a unique, cross-platform RPG experience.  Designed to play off of smartphones and tablets, the game links all the devices onto a central display, while each individual character is controlled by each player's tablet or smartphone.  The game gives everyone the feel of a tabletop adventure, while providing modern convenience and turn-based action, dialogue, and more.


Unique, cross-platform play:  Designed for tablets, smartphones, and tablet PCs running iOS, Windows 8, or Android, Eon Altar will support them all seamlessly.

Traditional RPG style:  Explore deep caves, uncover buried treasure, and defeat scores of monsters with your friends, reminiscent of a classic tabletop adventure.

Individual action:  Your own device controls your own character.  This gives you the power to decide what you want to do, rather than what one person in the group does.

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  • Ed Douglas

    Hi all! Eon Altar now on Kickstarter! Check it out, support us and spread the word: http://kck.st/1cErXXn