Evony. The Good, The Bad and The “I Need More Lumber”


Hands up who hasn't heard of Evony. For the maybe two and half of you who just raised your hands, where have you been? Like it or loathe it, Evony has made itself known to the internet at large and boy has there been an impact.

Evony Review: I Think I’ve Seen This Game Before


Browser games are currently what turns non gamers into mind numbed zombies who will do their best to sneak a few minutes from work just to check on their online characters. Browser games are more or less work safe. They don't crash your computer, they don't look like games, and most of all they're easily closed (haha! I win Mr. Supervisor dude!). The best part about browser game is that they're system friendly. You don't really need to upgrade your PC 3 times a year to play these babies.