Exteel Review: Customize Your Mech

REVIEW A new generation of robots was born: mechanical warriors, or, in a word, mechs. With Exteel, NCSoft gives us the chance to pilot one of these steel giants and battle other robots in classic scenarios like deathmatch or capture the flag. Will you be up to the challenge?

Exteel: Happy Halloween

ARTICLE Starting Wednesday, October 29, Exteel will be celebrating its first Halloween by giving all of its players the opportunity to paint their robotic Mechanaughts orange and black at no extra cost.

Exteel Open Beta

ARTICLE Exteel is now in Open Beta. You can easily create an account and play by clicking

Closed Beta is Here!

ARTICLE Thursday, November 16, 2006 —

We are thrilled to announce that we have reached another milestone for Exteel.

Closed Beta has just begun, and with it comes several key JDto the web site. You’ll get an idea of how the game is played, see some new concept art, and see a snap-shot of some of the
  • hunt

    this game are still available in philippines?

  • John Prox Scrappycoco


  • Kim Pogs

    how to download the game?? please tell me 😀

  • Kim Pogs

    wheres the game client?? i want to download it !!!!