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    Lionhead Studios

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Fable Legends is the next installment in the Fable RPG franchise. Players will return to the open world fantasy of Albion, playing as a Hero or Villain as they choose in the story.


Customizable Hero: Choose your own path as a Hero, changing your abilities, appearance, and more as you create your own story within the world.

Play the Villain: Don't want to be good? Choose instead to play the Villain, using tactical commands to control obstacles to face the hero.

Four Player Multiplayer: Play co-op in a four-player party, or take control of a villain to challenge your friends.

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  • http://iancarlson666.tumblr.com Ian Carlson

    Game is only coming to Xbox One. Wish we had a “Platforms” portion of–Oh WAIT. WE DO. Please add Xbox One (And only Xbox One so far) to the Platform list.