Fiesta Online US Screenshots


  • Robby

    Don’t play this game.
    The GM’s are narrow minded, homophobic dictators. Unless you post what they want on their forums you’ll be banned.
    Besides that, the game management is horrible. Bugs persisting for months, simple fixes taking equally as long, player input being ignored, new patches further breaking the game.
    What’s the most important part is the fact that it’s a pay to win game, after you easily hit level 70 and make friends you will need tons of real life cash to progress in game at a steady pace. I have seen people spending $50 to enhance one weapon. Armor, suits, extenders, drop increases, mounts and so on, not included in price. Without money or influential friends you’ll spend months on something that a player with irl money can accomplish within days (yes, days once you hit level 90)

  • Damian

    Outspark was WAY better, then Gamigo bought the game and RUINED it!