Fighters Club Online

Take to the streets: Fighters Club places you as one of three fighters in an intense, martial-arts brawler. Punch and kick your way to the top with special combos, unique moves, and positional blows. Play on your own, team up with others, or go head-to-head in realistic settings.


Customizable Characters: Choose from one of three player characters and specialize them to focus on the skills and combos you prefer.

Positional Combat System: Use high-, mid-, and low-range blows to defeat your opponent - just like an arcade fighter.

Multiplayer: Join in co-op parties, or face off in player-versus-player modes.

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  • ben

    How the hell do you play this game?

  • random

    its coming soon

  • Jackie Chan

    This game is about to be shittin on Zone 4

  • Sorry/Nope

    the game teaser has been around for 2 years pushing 3, its not coming anytime soon.

  • SamboHacT9

    Zone 4 have been closed.. and this one still not released.. :C

  • redleo

    will this game be 4 player co-op or even more?