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Final Eden is an MMORTS set in a post-apocalyptic future. The survivors of the event set out to rebuild civilization. You must build a base that can be defended against marauders, using turrets to protect the perimeter. You can also build a variety of vehicles to take the fight to your opponents. Alliances are helpful, and will give you a boost of support necessary to survive.


Base Building 101: Defend your fort from bandits! Utilize turrets that vary in range and power to best keep the pesky marauders from destroying your hard work.

Various units and vehicles: Build powerful vehicles, such as assault bikes and heavily armored vehicles. Send them out against opponents to wipe them from the world.

Strategic combat: Deploy your units strategically and let them go across the battlefield with maximum efficiency.

Alliances: Join with other players to better protect each other, and take over the entire world.

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