Adventurer’s Journal: Coming back to Eorzea

ARTICLE Don’t worry guys: I’ll find things I hate and write about those again.  That hasn’t gone away! I have definitely noticed that views increase the more I hate and dislike something, s...

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Details Revealed

ARTICLE Today Square Enix has revealed new information about Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3, including new screenshots. Patch 3.3 is promised to arrive later this year.     Litany of Peace The conferen...
  • Diiih Fontinelle

    F2P? ? ? ?

    • currently on 50% off sale via steam for 7.99 usd — although you comment is 2 years old.

  • Arkilleus

    Nope it’s Pay to play £8.99 and a lot more for the $.


    what’s the point if they’re telling us it’s f2p
    when it’s NOT

  • Carljess