PAX Prime 2015 Final Recap

FEATURE By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW) and Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Ragachak here for one more PAX Prime article! Though I did not get to stick around for Day 4 (Dizzy did, *fist shake*) of Pax, there wa...

Journal Fantasy XIV: July 2015

FEATURE Alexander (Gordias): Summon, Esper, Materia or Raid?   By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Roughly a month out from my Heavensward review was posted, and I’m still addicted to the game. As there ...
  • Diiih Fontinelle

    F2P? ? ? ?

  • Arkilleus

    Nope it’s Pay to play £8.99 and a lot more for the $.


    what’s the point if they’re telling us it’s f2p
    when it’s NOT

  • Carljess