Fists of Fu Review: Not Fond of that Kung-Fu That You Do


Outspark is looking to satisfy gamers with not one, but two action MMOs this year. While one of those titles isn't quite ready for the masses just yet, the other is good and raring to go. Fists of Fu is a free-to-play action MMO set in anime version of oriental China. With beat 'em up style action, Fists of Fu attempts to create an experience simple enough for anyone to get into, but perhaps this experience may come up as a little too simple.

Fist of Fu Preview: Kicking Butt Kung Fu Style


Fist of Fu is the latest action game from the company who brought us games Fiesta Online and Secrets of the Solstice, Outspark. The game is an over the top kung-fu themed cell-shaded semi-side scrolling beat em' up that hails back to kung-fu movies of old.