Open Beta Information – Stunning set of future Features revealed!

NEWS The Florensia Staff announced the progress of upcoming updates and an exciting glimpse into the future of Florensia. Take a look at the announcement in the official forum and find out more about the two major Balancing Updates, upcoming additions like the Seal Item System, Second Classes and the

Florensia Review


Question: Florensia has a maritime theme and ancient mysticism for its story.  Can you explain more of the concept?

First of all, I would like to underline that the maritime theme is just one part of the gaming experiences in Florensia with its unique dual battle system. You can fight and level up on shore as well as on the sea and the combination of these two parts is the reason why Florensia is such a special MMOG.
The world history of Florensia is filled with hints leading to an ancient culture and its magic. Although in Roxbury on Cardiff Island everything seems to be in perfect peace and harmony, the players will quickly find out that the legacy of the ancestors doesn’t only consist of magical power, but also of devastated areas, disturbed spirits, political implications and horrible monsters.


  • Morakai

    Its kinda very hard to log on, and I can’t get ahold of GameSupport

  • JessicaNigri

    from where i dwonload the game?