Flyff World Championship Enters 2nd Month


Flyff players worldwide have gathered for battle as the $100,000 Flyff World Championship (FWC) enters its second month of tense competition.

Fly For Fun Nostalgic Review: Flying Fun!


Yet another nostalgic review. Fly For Fun (better known as Flyff) is one of the most famous old school MMOs around. Although the game is old, the servers are still populated. Either it's just the fanbase working or the game really is that damn good (I'd probably go with the latter one). Flyff is a very memorable game for me.

Flyff V16: Rise of the Muran – Open Beta Announcement


Leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net is pleased to invite players to participate in Flyff's V16 Open Beta, starting today! Open Beta will run from October 22nd to October 29th, and will showcase eight new class evolutions, a new end-level instanced dungeon, new monsters to battle,  a new region and city to explore, and a new premium spot for grinding.

Flyff Announces V16: Rise of the Muran


Gala-Net is excited to announce the latest expansion for Fly for Fun, better known as Flyff! Being released in early November, V16: Rise of the Muran contains a wealth of new content and will be one of the largest updates released.

Flyff Exp Extravaganza


GPotato is excited to announce Flyff's week-long DOUBLE EXP Extravaganza kicked off today and runs through September 28th!