For the King

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    IronOak Games

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For the King is a turn-based RPG developed by IronOak Games. As an epic adventure game where players must explore a rich world filled with mystery and danger. For the King offers strategic gameplay with single player and online co-op modes.


Solo or Online Co-op: Control your own party or play with up to 3 people online. Travel and fight together or dare to set off on your own.

Challenging Roguelike Adventure: A highly re-playable, unforgiving adventure designed to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat.

Turn Based Combat: A classic battle style with a unique slot and proficiency system. Choose your attack type, spend focus points, use items, and activate special abilities to defeat your foes.

Living World: New challenges and horrors emerge at different times of day. Encounter weather and natural events that have a variety of effects, both good and bad.

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Game Videos

  • For The King: Pre-Alpha Combat Demo

    Watch some pre-alpha footage of a combat round in For the King, narrated by the dev team.

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