Formula Wincars: MMO Racing Arcade

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    DragonJam Studios

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Formula Wincars is an online racing game featuring skill trees, squads of cars, a leveling system, and multiple gameplay modes. Up to eight players can race in individual online matches, using tactics and power-ups to dominate the racetrack.


Tactics and Speed: Players must utilize timing, special abilities, and power-ups to secure victory. Depending on the game mode, teamwork may also be required, in addition to reflexes, speed, and driving skills.

Various Game Modes: The primary gameplay mode is an eight-person free-for-all, but there is also a four-versus-four mode. Players must utilize complex abilities, skills, and synergies Teamwork, in addition to racing skill, is required to win.

Tournaments and Content: Formula Wincars features Tournaments where players from all over the world can compete to win real-life prizes. The developers also intend to provide regular and substantial content updates, with new maps, racers, and more.

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  • Formula Wincars: MMO Racing Arcade Trailer

    This trailer features current gameplay footage from Formula Wincars. All of the video was taken from the in-game engine and normal play....

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