Funtasy Online (Chinese)

From the creator who brought you memorable games such as Fairyland, Mystina, and King of Kings series, Funtasy Online is the newest project in development.
Set in the time 100 years after Fairyland, the game provides players with refreshing rainbow-themed interface in 3D environment, multi-pet system, and hundreds of selections to choose from for avatar wardrobe and item use.

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Game Videos

  • Funtasy Gameplay Video

    Funtasy Online is an extremely cute Chinese game full of rainbow colors. The original title was Rainbow Bubbles. Yes, Rainbow Bubbles. Don't judge too fas...

  • Funtasy Cinematics

    Take a look at the brilliantly cute rainbow world of Funtasy Online. Don't dismiss this as simply a cute game, it has exellent and detailed gameplay!...

Game Articles

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