Golem Gates

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    Laser Guided Games

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    Fantasy, MOBA, Strategy

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Golem Gates is an upcoming fantasy strategy game developed by Laser Guided Games for PC and will be available for purchase on Steam Early Access in December, 2017. In Golem Gates you can become a Harbinger of a desolate land ravaged by ancient wars. As a Harbinger you have the ability to manipulate and command nanites from 'The Ash' - a power that has manifested itself in your world's now barren atmosphere. Now ancient warrior machines are spawning from Golem Gates while an unseen force compels you to take up arms. Wield the power hidden within ‘The Ash’, battle the golems, and unravel the mysteries surrounding their long-lost creators!


Glyph Collection: Players collect spell cards called Glyphs and strategically form them into a deck as they prepare for battle. Nearly 100 Glyphs can be used including units, buildings, traps, buffs, debuffs, and techs.

Resource Management: Resources will be needed to summon your nanites from your cards. Capture your resources king of the hill style, not with extra dedicated gathering units that you'd need to manage.

Action and Strategy: Golem Gates dares to blend intense combat with strategic decisions. Strategy will always play a key role in your success, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to watch the action unfold!

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