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    Whalebox Studio

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Goliath is a 3D adventure survival game being developed by Whalebox Studio which will be available for download on Steam. In Goliath, players will have blundered through a rift and accidentally be thrown into a world full of the remnants of different civilizations from both the future and past, as well as different factions warring for supremacy. Survival becomes your primary objective in this foreign world and it can be achieved by scavenging for resources and using them to craft shelters, fortresses, basic survival tools, and Goliaths. Goliaths are massive constructs that can be built from metal, wood, and other materials. They can be used primarily to fight off strong foes, allowing you to explore the world safely. In this procedurally generated world of monsters, warring factions, and Goliaths what will you choose to do? Bring peace to the factions, or help your's reign supreme?


Faction Alignment: Players can choose to align with a faction, giving them access to faction-specific schematics for both weapon and Goliath creation.

A Lively World: Goliath features a day/night cycle in different climates with dynamic weather. As players venture forth into the unknown the weather will take its toll on Goliaths, making players consider what Goliath they will want to take on excursions.

Multiplayer and Co-Op: Players will be able to play alongside their friends in a co-operative campaign, or face off in arena-like battles in competitive Multiplayer.

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    Octopus Tree announces that its robot-building action RPG, Goliath, will launch on Steam on May 12.

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