Sword 2 Interview: A Hybrid Game


Firstly, congratulations on your recent launch and thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions, could you start by giving those who might not be familiar to the game a run down what Sword 2 is?

Sword of the New World Interview: What’s In Store for 2010


Sword of the New World is one of those MMORPGs that has used a certain period in human history as its backdrop and has since then created its own world. The right mix of the game theme and game elements plus, the unique 3-character control system makes this game one of the better F2P games out in the market.

Sword of the New World: Halloween

NEWS Join the Land of the Dead from October 28th – November 4th and embark on a spooky Halloween quest! Befriend a ghost and slay pumpkins to earn chilling rewards.