GreedInc Review: All About the Greens


GreedInc is an MMO web browser game that revolves around the modern crime scene. Crime based games seem to be at their peak now, seeing that titles like Grand Theft Auto are selling like warm cookies. Going on a crime-spree has never been this fun (browser-wise, that is). The game is also pretty profane; then again, it's this type of profanity that makes crime-based games realistic. You'll probably know what I mean once you log into the game. GreedInc serves as the big bad break for players who are sick of playing as the typical hero in various MMO games. Regardless of its profanity and mature theme, nothing beats heading over to the bad side of town. It's like a pimped up version of Dope Wars if you ask me. The system is just incredible, with a whole lot of variety regarding places to visit, in game activities, and things to do.

  • Cellozz

    i have some problem connecting to this game…it’s three months that i recieve this error message

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    We are experiencing high server load. Please retry your request.