Guild Wars 2: Season 2 Soundtrack Sneak Peek

NEWS ArenaNet has released this behind the scenes video where Guild Wars 2 composer Maclaine Diemer gives a sneak peek of the soundtrack for Living World Season 2, which was performed and recorded by a liv...

Guild Wars 2: Season 2 Teaser Revealed

NEWS ArenaNet and NCSoft has released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming Season 2 update for Guild Wars 2. In this teaser, you’ll see that the Zephyrites have been met with trouble and there are rumor...

E3 2014 Recap – Guild Wars 2 Season 2

FEATURE By Tyler Wood (Zelus Craft), Site Engineer   We sat down with ArenaNet’s Associate Game Director, Steve Waller, and Design Director, Chris Whiteside, at E3 last week and previewed a trailer...


  • Pathog3n

    4.5? But this game sucks.

  • pat

    this game is great! its completely original. finally a game thats not exactly like every other rpg plus its amazing and fun.

  • mihog

    this game fucking suck I got to 80 and then after realizing how shitty end game is I quit

  • besodelpayaso