PAX East 2015: 10 Reasons To Be Hyped

FEATURE By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   PAX East is my first time visiting one of these expos as a member of the press, and the level of excitement I am feeling will only be paralleled by the level of exhau...

Guild Wars 2: Revenant Stream Preview

NEWS This afternoon on Guild Wars 2‘s weekly “Points of Interest” livestream, the team focused showcasing the new Revenant class coming in the Heart of Thorns expansion. The featured game...


  • Pathog3n

    4.5? But this game sucks.

  • pat

    this game is great! its completely original. finally a game thats not exactly like every other rpg plus its amazing and fun.

  • mihog

    this game fucking suck I got to 80 and then after realizing how shitty end game is I quit

  • besodelpayaso