Guild Wars 2 – Tyria’s Point of No Return

NEWS The road to war is paved by points of no return.   When Guild Wars 2’s Living World resumes on November 4, the story will resume from the cliffhanger that saw the races of Tyria preparing for w...

The MMORPG Disillusionment – Changing Business Models

FEATURE By Blair Nishkian (Tagspeech)   The MMORPG maelstrom has been in full swing for over ten years, now.  Honestly, the gaming world, and the world of entertainment in general, will never be the sam...

Guild Wars 2 Releases Latest Feature Pack

NEWS NCSOFT® and ArenaNet™, publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise, today released its “September 2014 Feature Pack,” the second standalone Guild Wars 2® feature update f...


  • Pathog3n

    4.5? But this game sucks.

  • pat

    this game is great! its completely original. finally a game thats not exactly like every other rpg plus its amazing and fun.

  • mihog

    this game fucking suck I got to 80 and then after realizing how shitty end game is I quit

  • besodelpayaso