Guild Wars 2 – Season 3 Living World Trailer

Guild Wars 2‘s world prepares to spring back to life once more as season 3 approaches. Get full details on the next stage of the ever evolving story on the official site.

Guild Wars 2 – Salvation Pass Cinematic

Guild Wars 2 at last brings back the White Mantle from the original series for their long awaited vengeance. Get more info on this teaser for Salvation Pass.
  • Pathog3n

    4.5? But this game sucks.

  • pat

    this game is great! its completely original. finally a game thats not exactly like every other rpg plus its amazing and fun.

  • mihog

    this game fucking suck I got to 80 and then after realizing how shitty end game is I quit

  • besodelpayaso