Guns and Robots Online

Guns and Robots is a third-person shooter that involves, you guessed it, guns and robots. You can create a robot using over 150 different kinds of parts, and select from an arsenal of various weapons. This allows a massive amount of customization, and will let each robot be individual and unique. Arenas are fast paced and free-roaming, meaning you can find the best spots to take out your opponents.


Fully Customizable: Over 150 parts to choose from, and a wide variety of weapons to select. Each choice you make will be different than anyone else, so feel free to create your own metal monstrosity.

Dynamic Gameplay: Each robot you face off against will be different, ensuring that you will have to adjust and show off your skills to take them down. Literally blast your way through all challengers!

Custom Arena: Know it before you play it! Test the look, movement, and weapons of your robot before entering battles to make sure it's capable of doing what you want.

Team-based Gameplay: Join your friends and prove who has the better robots: them, or you!

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