Gunz 2: The Second Duel

Gunz is known for taking action combat and FPS elements to new heights. Gunz 2 intends to push those mechanics into the next generation. With a realistic physics engine and improved responsiveness, Gunz 2 will be a shooter like none before it.


Customizable Classes: Gunz 2 uses the class system from Gunz and gives players improved customization over your character.

Improved Wall Running: Players will have near limitless freedom to run and flip from wall to *insert random surface here*, giving veteran players an advantage from long hours of practicing acrobatic maneuvers.

Improved Controls: Advanced skills are now better fitted so that even new players will have access to impressive acrobatics.

Interactive Environment: Objects are destructible with a realistic physics engine controlling the chaos. Players can use this to their advantage but cutting off an enemy’s escape.

Huge Boss Battles: Players will be able to take on massive bosses that are scalable and feature difficult to reach weak points.

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  • Seth A. Yellin

    Badass that there is a 2nd!!! 😀 <3 I was playing this game years ago, HOURS A DAY. HEHEHE.

  • aditya

    i want to downlaod gunz 2 asia help me

  • Evil_Mind

    Pls don’t HACK this time!!! >.<

    • Jackie Chan

      Yeah like for real.
      All hackers do is get the game closed which makes it so nobody else can play.

    • qwrwqe

      oh ill hack it don’t worrie

  • Sif

    Oh God, Reply this post.

  • Sif

    we plan to launch Open Beta for GunZ 2 for Steam in December 2013

    Thaks Steam.

    • kelly_chua12345

      how to download gunz 2

  • john

    release dis game in phillipines i want to play gunz

  • kelly_chua12345

    Any1 can tell me where to download gunz2?

  • kelly_chua12345

    Why cant open Ijji Reactor ? ANy1 can teach me ? Thanks alot !

  • kelly_chua12345

    release in malaysia please i want to play for 4 years ady

  • Sisou Lerouge

    i have problem with patch when lunching the game i can’t download ithe patch please help :(

  • Duzie Rothman

    is the game released anywhere yet ? im loooking everywhere cant find it and will it be released for mac?

  • Ziad Hany

    how i fucking download it 😛 ? comment on my comment and say to me how plz!

  • Karim Ahmed

    انا مش عارف اعمل ايميل حد يفيدنى لو سمحتم

  • Mhmod Hamze


  • Mhmod Hamze


  • Mhmod Hamze


  • Udy

    Come join us [EUROPE ONLY]

    Register, download and play!

    NOTE – While in the game, check your lower left corner and change your location to EUROPE flag, which will alow you to play with all european players

  • Harito Screamura

    From where can it be dowloaded

  • mather201

    Make Gunz The Duel Back!!!!! GUNZ 2 Sux Bad Dash ( SLOW ! )